Traditional playground rockers

For families with disabled children, it can be a challenge using traditional play equipment that does not meet their needs. Most traditional rockers do not offer any postural support. Restricting bars and narrow seating can make transferring from a wheelchair awkward or impossible. That’s why Inclusive Play have designed the Butterfly. The 4-way rocker has supportive belly seating, which offers an alternative way to play.

The importance of participation

Children that are included in play activities promotes positive social development. Building friendships develops self-esteem, and a general sense of well-being. When play equipment does not consider children with physical disability, learning difficulty, sensory, medical, undiagnosed need or a combination of needs, this leads to exclusion. But, when there are no barriers to play, everyone has a chance to take part. In turn, we learn to respect differences and co-operate with others. Which are important qualities on the playground and in adult life.

Supportive Butterfly wings

Introducing Inclusive Play’s Butterfly, with specially designed belly seats for children who require more support. The belly seats offer an alternate way to play, positioned on their front whilst being supported by the Butterfly’s platform and wings, which comfortably holds them in place. With space for four children, the Butterfly’s two belly seats allow children of all abilities to take part in active play alongside their peers. Featuring additional seating options with foot support and a tactile game in the centre of the rocker, allows children to meet in the middle and play together.

4-way rocker with supportive belly seating

The Inclusive Play Butterfly is a 4-way rocker with supportive belly seating. New colour available soon!

Features of Butterfly, inclusive playground rocker

  • Multi-user rocker
  • Multiple ways to play
  • Two Supportive belly seats
  • Additional seating with foot support
  • Handgrips designed for comfort and easy grasping
  • Wheelchair transfer height?
  • Central interactive tactile game

Playground rocker for all abilities

Rocking is a simple movement with many sensory benefits! These benefits come from our Vestibular System, which helps us understand how to move through the world. Stimulating the Vestibular System not only builds confidence, but also develops visual perception and balance. The Butterfly design positions children around a central game, encouraging social interaction between peers. Now children of all abilities can rock together whilst being supported by butterfly wings!