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4-Way Rocker With Supportive Belly Seating – Butterfly

Traditional playground rockers For families with disabled children, it can be a challenge using traditional play…

Accessible Sand and Water Play – Introducing Dune

Dune Accessible Sand Table

Accessible Sand and Water Play – Introducing Dune

Benefits of the Stargazer, Inclusive Playground Spinner

Girl on inclusive playground spinner

When playground equipment has only one play function, it can be difficult or even impossible for…

Mental Health Awareness 2022 – Loneliness

Links between loneliness and mental health This Mental Health Awareness week, we are reflecting on new…

Wave Rocker

Wave Rocker multi user inclusive seesaw

Are you looking for inclusive playground equipment that will benefit the whole community?

Celebrating 16 years of Inclusive Play!

Inclusive Communities Exiting the challenges of the recent pandemic, the value of outdoor spaces has never…