Inclusive Communities

Exiting the challenges of the recent pandemic, the value of outdoor spaces has never been greater. That’s why we have 100% focus on delivering innovative products to serve the whole community. Inclusive communities value people of all abilities. Choosing products that enable full participation helps to create such an environment. We are celebrating 16 years of Inclusive Play, and looking forward to many more!

Celebrating 16 years of Inclusive Play!

Diverse Products

Inclusive Play designs products that consider the needs of special needs and disabled individuals, who are often marginalised in playground design. For example, we think about the barriers that they may face in the playground. We also examine popular playground favourites and play experiences that may prohibit participation. Above all, we design our products by drawing on the full range of human diversity. 

Considering everyone from the start ensures our products are accessible to all ages and abilities.

From spinning to gentle rocking, we have created controlled movements that consider the needs of children with physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities. All the Dynamic range is designed for wheelchair transfer and offers a diversity of ways to interact.

With more ways to play, children can define their own play experience.

Common Goal – Inclusion

Inclusive Play partners with some of the largest play companies in the world who share a common goal. As a result, this network of partners continues to expand, reflecting our growth around the world since we formed in 2006.

Let’s work together to improve play provision for children and families. Join our growing network of partners.

Inclusive Play – Mission

As we continue to build this network of like-minded people who focus on Inclusion being at the core of their business, we look forward to the years ahead and achieving our mission.

Inclusive Play exists to empower the true meaning of inclusion, equality, and diversity in play.

Our focus is the design and development of quality play equipment that allows children of all abilities to play together.

We innovate our products by including and learning from people with a range of perspectives.

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