Inclusive Play is pleased to announce a new partnership with Playgones, a French company that specialises in the development of recreational and sports areas. They are based in Rochetoirin, near Lyon in the South East of France, with a distribution network across France. They are now distributing our products as part of their ‘le jeux inclusifs’ (Inclusive Games) range. The Director of Inclusive Play, Paul Hoenigmann, said that he was “excited at the opportunity to widen Inclusive Play’s distribution network in Europe with Playgones, and confident that this network would continue to expand over the coming months.”

Nicolas Laurent, Communications Manager at Playgones, said that they feel “inclusive play is more than just play equipment: it offers the opportunity to enjoy all aspects of play, both physical and social”, something that we also feel hugely passionate about. Playgones pride themselves on creating beautiful playgrounds, whilst keeping safety at the forefront of their approach. Our equipment offers the perfect solution to this, with a range of bright colours that can lighten up any play space and a range of equipment that conforms to play standards and stimulates all the senses for young children, enabling them to learn through play.