Are you looking for inclusive playground equipment that will benefit the whole community?

When it comes to choosing the right playground equipment for your play space, it can be overwhelming. With so many options available, how do you make sure your choice offers the most play value? Luckily, we have developed a product that ticks all the boxes. The Wave Rocker considers the needs of children with physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of play, regardless of their abilities.

Inclusive design creates opportunity for children of all abilities to play together.

  • With more ways to play, children can define their own play experience. Providing this option means children can explore and learn in ways that best suit them.
  • Space for up to six children. Having space for up to six children promotes social interaction and helps develop important skills.
  • Support and security features. Children can feel comfortable and safe while they play. 

Design features that consider the needs of children with physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities.

  • The central pad has ‘Hold on tight!’ routed in braille to assist those with visual impairments.
  • 6 handles on the central pad provide lots of grip.
  • The central pad at transfer height offers an opportunity for users with less physical mobility to enjoy the sensation of rocking.
  • Handle stoppers keep hands and feet securely in place.
  • Seating has extra back support – supportive at both the highest and lowest points of motion.
  • The saddle seats are curved for ease of access.
  • Tactile bubble design.
  • With high multi-user play capacity, this product has great social play value.

A visual appearance to suit any playground design.

  • With a two-tone colour scheme, the Wave Rocker is suited to both urban and landscaped environments.
  • The simple but playful design compliments other play equipment.
  • Detailed technical documents and files to easily incorporate into your playground design.
Wave Rocker multi user inclusive seesaw

Interested in adding the Wave Rocker to your play area design?

Playgrounds have a huge potential to provide important opportunities for disabled children to be included in their communities. We can help you choose the right play equipment for your play area.