Inclusive Design

What is Inclusive Play?
Inclusive play can help break down barriers in the playground by providing opportunities for all children to participate. When we include everyone, we learn to respect differences and co-operate with others, important qualities on the playground and in adult life.
Our Ethos

People of all ages and abilities should be able to enjoy play experiences together.

To support this ethos, we believe in the social model of disability. This model, identifies that disability is a result of the environmental barriers faced by people with a range of varying needs. Collaboration with disability groups, organisations and charities, allowed us to understand these barriers. Making the necessary environmental changes enables full participation in the playground.

This is the driving force behind the design and development of Inclusive Play’s products.

Our Design

As the only play equipment company to focus 100% on inclusion, we recognise disabled children are the most underrepresented group in playground design.

To enable participation, we think about the barriers they face in the playground. We examine playground favourites and play experiences that prohibit participation. We give those products a makeover – or we start from scratch – and come up with new ideas that the whole family will love.

Including and learning from people with a range of perspectives is key to our process. We continuously innovate our products, guided by community feedback and expert advice.

Six Senses of Inclusive Play
Sensory play equipment ensures the play experience involves as much of the body as possible. This is beneficial when a child cannot physically involve themselves in every activity.

Using the Six Senses wheel to design our play equipment ensures we consider sensory engagement from a seated, standing or lying position. This allows children of all abilities to participate in play.

The wheel icons act as a product key throughout our website and catalogue. Use this key to help you identify the appropriate play products for your play space.