PiPA – Plan Inclusive Play Areas

What is Inclusive Design ?

We are often asked what inclusion means, our answer? It means everyone regardless of background, age, gender, ability, etc; everyone should have the same opportunities in life to explore and achieve. Although our main focus at Inclusive Play is around special needs and disabilities (as we recognise this is a group most marginalised in playground design) we aspire to create products that will intrigue everyone.
To support this ethos we believe in the social model of disability. In other words, disability is a socially created problem and it is up to all of us to make the environment changes necessary to allow for the full participation of people with disabilities in all areas of social life. This is why we developed Plan Inclusive Play Areas (PiPA).

Introduction To PiPA

PiPA is a tool which helps local authorities, landscape architects, town planners and families with disabled children create an inclusive outdoor play area.  PiPA provides expert knowledge for anyone designing a play area.

Championed by Inclusive Play. PiPA was created in collaboration with experts in the field of play and special needs; through invaluable consultation with disabled children’s charity, KIDS, as well as Occupational therapists from both the UK and USA.  PiPA has been endorsed by the Accessible Britain Challenge and the Design Council and hailed as a good practice document.

PiPA Checklist

The PiPA checklist was carefully formulated, taking into account the needs of children, budget  restrictions and sustainability. This was then separated into 5 key areas:

1) Plan to Go – Ensure there is a route to get there for all means of transport (walk, car, bus, train)
2) Plan to Access – Is it easy to reach once on site (wheelchair friendly paths)
3) Plan to Play – Engages six senses of inclusive play whilst offering elements of challenge and risk
4) Plan for Rest & Recharge – A quiet place to rest or escape to if a child becomes over stimulated
5) Plan for Engagement – Is information for the play area easy to access

Each of the 5 scored sections has a minimum pass requirement of 75%. This ensures well rounded inclusivity across all areas. You can view the current site on the PiPA map below.

PiPA Checklist

You can download the PiPA checklist here to assess any area or design you are working on.

PiPA Checklist

What are the PiPA Accreditations?

There are 3 PiPA statuses:

Gold Sites – Our Gold Accredited sites have met the minimum requirements and achieved between 95% – 100% overall score.

Silver Sites – Our Silver Accredited sites have met the minimum requirements and achieved between 85% – 94% overall score.

Bronze Sites – Our Bronze Accredited sites have met the minimum requirements and achieved between 75% – 84% overall score.

PiPA Map