Our Quality

Quality materials, fixings, and production processes ensure our products will benefit the community long after installation.
  • Supply Chain


    We continue to work with local businesses to keep our carbon footprint to minimum whilst sourcing our materials responsibly.

    This ensures a stable supply chain whilst maintaining quality and competitive pricing.

  • Sustainability


    Inclusive Play uses quality materials, fixings, and production processes to ensure our products will benefit the community long after installation, and for years to come.

  • Quality Steel & Fabrication

    From ground anchor units to custom bearings, we choose UK based, highly skilled fabricators and machine engineers to manufacture our products. Each assembly goes through a strict Quality Management System in compliance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

  • Galvanising and Colour Coating

    The galvanising system we use is applied in one location and completed in one production shift. This ensures the product is not exposed to any contaminants between coating stages. This continuous process utilises the corrosion protection attributes of hot dip galvanising and the durability of powder coating to provide a finish that has a lifespan of up to 150 years with minimal maintenance.


    Where applicable, steel products are hot dip galvanised in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461.

    • Products receive full immersion pre-treatment, ensuring all component surfaces are chemically treated prior to coating.
    • The coating is applied to all surfaces, both internally and externally.
    • The galvanised surface is fully finished prior to powder coating.
    • Products receive full immersion application of conversion coating to provide adequate adhesion between the galvanised and powder layers.


    Steel products are powder coated and applied in accordance with BS EN ISO 13438.

    • Environmentally low impact coating that releases no volatile organic compounds during application.
    • Powder application ensures even coverage over the whole product.
    • UV protection of the polyester ensures that the coating remains colourfast.
    • Powder coating provides a tough, durable and abrasion resistant coating, ensuring no major maintenance for at least 15 years. (Annual wash down required/Dependent on location and environmental conditions.)
  • HDPE

    We choose High Density Polethene sheets for the structural and decorative panels on our products. HDPE can be recycled and further processed at least 10 times, making it a valuable resource that contributes to a circular economy. A reliable and durable material that will not rot, delaminate, splinter or crack, HDPE is perfect for outdoor play equipment that needs to stand the test of time and constant usage.


    • With the texture of orange peel, HDPE has a soft, warm and play friendly feel.
    • UV stabilisation means the vibrant colours it comes in are fade resistant, ensuring the colours stay bright.
    • HDPE is stain and graffiti resistant.
    • Moisture and chemical resistant.
    • Recyclable and non-toxic.
    • No heavy metals.
    • No phthalates.
  • Fixings

    The fixings we use are Stainless Steel 304 grade or galvanized as standard. There may be a need to upgrade to Stainless Steel 316, depending on the installation location and atmospheric corrosion rates.