IP503B Kinetic Wheel

IP503B Kinetic Wheel

The Kinetic Wheel brings life to themed play areas. Perfect for historical sites or areas of public interest that have anything to do with transport!

Powered purely by kinetic energy there are 3 different wheels available to emulate ships, race cars and trucks and all make the noise of the vehicle and a range of other noises to bring imaginations to life. One moment you could be on a pirate ship, the next moment you could be an astronaut in space! The Kinetic Wheel enhances every play experience by adding sounds and making it more interactive than ever.

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All our products are designed around the Six Senses of Inclusive Play.

This product stimulates the following sensory receptors.


Helps differentiate pressure, texture and traction


Awareness of self and joints


Aids cognitive progression by developing the ability to process information

At Inclusive Play, we take extra considerations towards the quality of our products.


Steel products are hot dip galvanized and, where applicable, powder coated. The galvanizing process we use is continuous. This means the dipping and powder coating is completed within the same building. Because there is no transportation used in-between processes, the result is an extra durable finish that is impervious to rust.


The fixings we use are Stainless Steel 304 grade or galvanized as standard. There may be a need to upgrade to Stainless Steel 316 for a small additional charge, depending on the installation location.

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With 16 years’ experience in the play industry, we understand that every site is different. We are here to talk through any extra considerations you may need and are committed to ensuring the longevity of Inclusive Play products.