When playground equipment has only one play function, it can be difficult or even impossible for some children to get involved. This results in parents who have family members with a physical disability, learning difficulty, sensory, medical or complex needs, being excluded from using traditional playground equipment. For that reason, we have designed an inclusive playground spinner that offers more than one play function.

What makes the Stargazer suitable for children of all ages and abilities?

The Stargazer is a flat disc that rotates in both directions, with a smooth outer rim to grip while spinning. The design features a 6-degree tilt to create both spinning and back and forth movement in a regular rhythm.  A cushioning surface creates a comfortable experience and provides shock absorption. This results in a playground spinner with no age or ability restrictions, allowing children to choose the level of challenge that suits them.
Play function 1: At wheelchair transfer height, the disc is wide enough for a child to lie on their front or back. This provides a supportive spinning platform for younger children or children with less physical mobility. Parents or cares can easily control the speed of spinning, due to the compact size of the disc.
Play function 2: The compact, also provides security, as seated users can reach both sides, holding on to the outer rim.
Play function 3: Older or more confident children can test their balancing and coordination skills. Challenging themselves to spin while standing.

Boy spinning round and round indefinitely on the Stargazer, playground spinner

What are the benefits of the Stargazer?

  • Children can choose their level of challenge, contributing to building confidence.
  • Tests and develops balancing skills.
  • Being pushed or pushing off independently develops coordination.
  • Builds muscle strength and endurance as children have to grip the outer ring while spinning, holding on till it stops.
  • Opportunity to learn the cause and effect of motion.
  • Movement can be controlled for children with sensory differences. 
  • Encourages cooperation and turn taking skills.

Offering more play opportunities for disabled children.

Playgrounds have potential to provide opportunities for disabled children to be included in their communities. But when the play equipment does not meet their needs, it has a negative impact on their lives. Inclusive Play equipment can help break down barriers in the playground by providing opportunities for all children to participate.

A playground spinner for all ages and abilities.

The Stargazer is a great addition to any playground, promoting social interaction and cooperation between children while offering multiple ways to play. Interested in finding out more? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you, or click below for more details.